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Our Story

Mohave County Donation Center opened its doors December 15th, 2020 with the donation  and retail center in Ft Mohave. Mohave County Donation Center has 6 board members and many volunteers who help us make our goals. Not only does Mohave County Donation Center focus on domestic survivors we help and assist other organization’s for the homeless and veterans. We have a passion for helping others, we recognized the need for services of domestic violence survivors, Homeless women their children, and homeless veterans. Mohave County has some of the highest suicide rates related to domestic violence in the state of Arizona. The more we grow the more people we assist. Welcome to a team making a difference in Mohave county.

Our Core Values


Respect is reflected in the way we treat survivor's, ourselves, staff members, volunteers, and our community. We value the dignity of all people, appreciating our differences and celebrating our diversity. We value the ideas, beliefs, opinions and decisions of others, whether we agree with them or not.


We believe empowerment begins with giving individual's the strength, aid and assistance to meet and accomplish success of their goals. We believe success is defined by each individual given their experience, talents and culture and we celebrate this success.


We believe that freedom from physical, emotional, spiritual, and psychological abuse is a basic human right for all individuals. We should all feel safe and valued. We know domestic violence includes power-based tactics that effect all aspects of self, families, love ones and friends.


Knowledge is powerful. We continue to educate ourselves, survivors and community to reject violence in our own lives and those around us. Our education and the education of others must work with intention of stopping the violence.


We believe hope is our soul reason of existence, Bringing hope to all survivor's and their children. We recognize that are work fosters hope and resilience and improves Physical, emotional, spiritual and psychological well-being.

Our Mission

Mohave County Donation Center is a nonprofit organization with a passion, to provide quality, compassionate, and nonjudgmental assistance to domestic violence survivors in Mohave County.

Our Vision

Mohave County Donation Centers Vision is to work alone and together with its partners to help inspire and nurture the human spirt, bringing that inspiration to create a positive self-esteem and realize their full potential on their path to a safer, healthier, higher quality of life they love.

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